Portraits Series Belarusian woman
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Artwork Specs:
  • Canvas Size: 40x30 cm.
  • Painting Technique: Acrylic on Ardoise
  • Series: Portraits
  • Year: 2018
  • Status: Sold

This captivating artwork portrays a close-up of a young woman with expressive eyes gazing slightly upward. The detailed rendering of her face captures a mixture of emotions, as if she is pondering or longing for something beyond the viewer’s sight. One of the most striking elements of the piece is the red tape placed over her mouth, forming an ‘X’ shape, which suggests themes of silence, censorship, or repression.

Her loose, brown hair frames her face naturally, adding to the raw realism of the artwork. The young woman’s attire features traditional embroidery with vibrant red patterns on a white background, implying a cultural or folk influence.

The subtle texture in the background, painted in muted greys, ensures that the focus remains entirely on her expressive face and the symbolic red tape. This painting is a powerful visual narrative that speaks to issues of freedom of expression and identity, invoking a strong emotional response from the viewer.