The core of Krashevka`s works consists in capturing the psychological-emotional state of a person and transferring it to the canvas The focus of the artist's work is on people with their feelings and emotions
Featured Artist Lena Krashevka

In the course of the day, I am always reflecting. The term reflection is more than familiar to us in common parlance. Despite its diverse contextual application, it is mostly associated with the concept of reflection. But is there perhaps more behind a reflection than a mere rendering of people and their surroundings?

A wide variety of experiences are hidden in our inner world. Not infrequently, they remain only a series of “cinematic images” in our minds.

So much I wish to watch these ” pictures” with other like-minded people, to experience similar feelings, and to feel complete unity. But we remain lonely in reality.

Very often we experience contradictory emotions: Pain and joy, suffering and love, sometimes all at once.
We have certain expectations in our consciousness in this regard. Only most of the time things go differently in life, we are forced to confront unexpected obstacles, like loss, betrayal, and finally pandemic.

It happens so suddenly and unexpectedly, just like these spots on my portraits.
Most of the time we are not prepared for it and do not know how to deal with it.

Then the question of assessment arises because the feelings are a consequence of the observer, his assessment.
We may be inwardly ready to resist reality, to blame everyone and everything, or we may find strength in being able to see the best and the most beautiful in it, to feel pleasure in overcoming the complexity, and accept this imperfection of our surroundings in order to feel our own connection with the world.

In painting, I try to combine classical school with modern techniques.
I am always looking for those forms and facets that would allow me to harmonize visual images and emotional impressions.
It is very important for me to realize myself through or on the canvas.

The human being with his feelings and emotions is the focus of the artist`s works. The core of Krashevka`s works is to capture the psycho-emotional state of a human being and transfer it onto the canvas.

The artist achieves both expressive psychological images and a convincing saturation of the light-air atmosphere, color harmony, and general emotionality of the works.